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Life on the Cheap is about making the most of what you’ve got. It is about generating income while living frugal. It is about learning to budget every area of your life. It’s about targeting the deals you need. It is about moving forward towards your dreams. Life on the Cheap is about learning to make money work for you, it is not about winning the lottery. Most of all Life on the Cheap is about changing the way we view ourselves.

We all need vacations but they sure cost money and time. No matter where you live or what you do there is almost always something close by to enjoy that cost little. Make a list of the parks, museums, farmers markets, and historical thing in your area! Once a month take the time visited one of the things on your list. Take a book leave and leave your cellphone at home. Maybe you cannot even afford this! Take a hot bath then relax with a book, music, movie or close friend. Find a warm chair, a warm friend, a warm pet – we all need connection. Yet we also need down time—alone time.

Life on the Cheap does not mean living without the things we want or desire. It means we learn to prioritize and balance the things we want with the thing we need. Life is full of ups and downs! Life on the Cheap is not about sacrificing your dreams. It is about finding ways to achieved them. Everything has a cost so achieving your dreams may cost you research and time. Prices keep going up and we never seem to have more than enough money to pay the bills.

The first thing we will must do is list our assets: So here are my assets

  1. Desktop and laptop computer
  2. Cellphone
  3. Experience in computer field
  4. Internet Connect
  5. Web Page
  6. College/Life/Military
  7. Car

So what is your list like?


New Cheap Ownership !!!



piggy-bank-clipart-fort-dxmj7l-clipart We are back from vacation and had a great cheap time. We did a little traveling and a lot of relaxing at home !!! But we are ready to restart the cheap life with a……….

Big Announcement !!!

Cheap Page Break


My husband, Tom will be taking over the website and will keep you in all the cheap news. 

Stay tuned for all the latest in the cheap life. 

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Cheap Vacation Time – Yipeee !!!

Cheap Vacation #2

The summer is off to a great start. Portland has had many sunny days. The grass is so green and the flowers are looking beautiful!!

Tom and I have had several really, really busy weeks. So we have made a corporate decision (and I must say not a hard one to make) to take a vacation starting May 21st. We’ve got some cheap plans for a few trips and I’m so looking forward to it. I’ll be gathering some cheap ideas for vacation fun for you too and will report later.  

But wherever we will be, I’ll sure be thinking of all you wonderful bloggers that have blessed my life. And know for sure that we will be near water and waves! 

We will be back the first of October to usher in fall and the holiday season !!!!!

Happy Blogging to you all and as a treat I’ve added some pictures of our little town’s summer parade from last year. Who doesn’t love a small town parade!

Is this cheap fun at its best or what !!!

See you all in October !!! Blessings and Happy Blogging. 

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