Cheap Vacation Time – Yipeee !!!

Cheap Vacation #2

The summer is off to a great start. Portland has had many sunny days. The grass is so green and the flowers are looking beautiful!!

Tom and I have had several really, really busy weeks. So we have made a corporate decision (and I must say not a hard one to make) to take a vacation starting May 21st. We’ve got some cheap plans for a few trips and I’m so looking forward to it. I’ll be gathering some cheap ideas for vacation fun for you too and will report later.  

But wherever we will be, I’ll sure be thinking of all you wonderful bloggers that have blessed my life. And know for sure that we will be near water and waves! 

We will be back the first of October to usher in fall and the holiday season !!!!!

Happy Blogging to you all and as a treat I’ve added some pictures of our little town’s summer parade from last year. Who doesn’t love a small town parade!

Is this cheap fun at its best or what !!!

See you all in October !!! Blessings and Happy Blogging. 

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Thrift Shop Cheap!!


Tom, my husband, and I are thrift shop lovers!! In fact a lot of our furnishings, clothes, and “stuff” came from thrift stores. We love the treasure hurt – you never know what you will unearth!!

When we moved to the Portland, Oregon area about three years ago we had a couch and two chairs that had served us well but were – dated. While at a local thrift store I found one of those treasures – a chest that I thought was beautiful. We brought it home and used it for a coffee table. All of a sudden the other furniture looked even more dated. It was time to go shopping.

We haunted the papers looking for the best deals on a couch and chair. We finally hit the mother lode – 50% off. Then we waited till the first Tues of the month when senior discount applied. Now we were up to 60% off. While talking to the salesperson I mentioned that I loved a certain pair of pillows – so she throw then in for FREE. We love free!!!

My value priced furniture and my chest were a match made in heaven but……………………….the rest of the room didn’t match. So little by little we hunted out special treasure from thrift stores to “fluff” out our room. Here are some of our thrift store finds.













Now I’m sure you are wondering how to find these treasure troves. Well I’ve got you covered. Check out this National Thrift Store Directory

But don’t stop there – look around your local area. Ask around. By asking around we found out that the Portland area had something we had never seen before – Goodwill Boutique Stores. Who knew !!!! They are beautiful and the merchandise was top notch. We couldn’t tell that we weren’t in a high end boutique. Check out these pics from the Goodwill Boutique Store in Hood River, Oregon.



How classy is this !!! So go forth and treasure hunt !!!

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Best Mother’s Day Deals


Did you notice that the word CHEAP was missing from this week’s post???

That’s because I sure didn’t want to use the word cheap and mother in the same sentence. Moms work hard for their family all year. They make many sacrifices everyday to give to their sweet kids. 

SO………there is a time to be cheap and a time to look for special deals. And we have some great deals that will light up mom’s life !!!!

Pro Flowers – has a beautiful bouquet of 12 (yes a dozen!!) rainbow roses for $19.99. Include is a free vase or you can upgrade to several different ones. Available until 5/8/16.

mother's day roses

Walmart has put together a mom’s gift guide ( that has great gifts starting at $8) for ever pocket book. 

Bath and Body Works is always a favorite gift for mom!!! The folks there have made it easy to shop for the best gift. They’ve put together gift sets and deals that will put a shine in mom’s eye. ****Be sure to use the 20% coupon on the top for more savings. For standard shipping in time for Mother’s Day order before 5/1/16.

What mom doesn’t like chocolate!! Russell Stover has a selection of candy for mom from $24.99 down to $1.99. And if you order today (4/28/16) you get an extra 25% off !!!! Chocolate and 25% off – now that’s a deal.


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